the other thing holding me back

Lilu is at the waddling stage of pregnancy (though still gleefully terrorizing the local mouse population).’s cats section said when your cat gets close to giving birth, she’ll be unusually snuggly and sleep a lot more. By my guess, she’s due at the end of the first week of May, but she is already snuggly and sleepy (and bashful and grumpy and doc… no wait, those are dwarves, sorry).

Incidentally, also said I should never let her outside, or let her have any contact with cats who go outside, never let any outside cats in or near the house. I’m wondering how she was supposed to get pregnant. Honestly, people, I’m talking about a regular cat; they go outside. They play, they hunt, they climb trees? (Amy’s cat has vaccine allergies, and so of course should stay in, but I would consider that an extraordinary situation, requiring extraordinary measures. We just have ordinary cats.) They also said have the vet on call in case she has a difficult birth, watch out for mastitis and eclampsia, and take her and the babies to the vet within 24 hours of the birth, and I’m thinking, what next? Kitty ultrasound?

Anyway, her preferred spot for snuggling and sleeping is my lap, and she is frequently there when I should be getting up and doing something. I’m reluctant to displace her. I feel so blessed that she chooses to slobber all over me, because normally she’s much too busy being a cat to spend much time on my lap, and I know this’ll be over soon, so I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Besides, I remember when I was that pregnant. Getting comfy enough to sleep was a minor miracle, and if you made me move after I’d achieved that, you were DEFINITELY off my Christmas Card list.

Food tonight was fish sticks! Yay! And rice! Left on the plate! And broccoli! Bleargh! Forced down with much water and drama! So, 1/3 of a hit with the kids. Remind me why I do this again?

Song du jour of the day: Femme Fatale, by Evdokia Kadi, for Cyprus. Musical theater, why not?


4 responses to “the other thing holding me back

  • Melanie

    How did you even arrive at an estimate of when she’s due? Our cats always surprised us.

  • alala

    Well, it’s nine weeks after the Lilu Has a Boyfriend post. And I don’t see how she can get much wider.

  • amy

    When we first got our cat (before the Bad Vaccination Reaction, which took place two years later; just like people, they build up to it) we lived in an apartment on a busy corner and we figured he’d be cat smush if we let him out. The place we adopted him from implored us to keep him inside. Then we moved to a neighborhood, and I suppose we could have let him outside, except by that time we figured he hadn’t developed any outside smarts. Really, he’s not that smart. Our other cat would LIKE to be an outside cat. He used to be, we assume, because he adopted us by padding up our deck stairs and mewing outside the slider, but we won’t let him outside. One, it’s not safe for the allergic cat. Two, it’s ultimately healthier all around–between the toxoplasmosis and the hawks and the coyotes and the deer ticks and the fleas and on and on and on. Watch me freak out when the cat brings deer ticks into my kids’ beds.

    Do you think she’ll have the kittens right in your lap?

  • Nate

    Broccoli is a delicacy in our house… all the kids love it. One thing I’ve learned about cooking (probably the only thing, except what “al dente” means): with enough butter, salt, and/or cheese, anything can taste good enough to eat. Broccoli in our house usually goes down steamed, with about an equal amount of (sorry) Campbells cheese sauce/soup from a can. We think maybe they eat the broccoli because we won’t let them eat the cheese sauce with a spoon.

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