The haggling is over, and DrBob has accepted the Utrecht job. I am… relieved, I think. The tension of being undecided was getting hard to contain, especially because I couldn’t talk about it here, and I’m really glad that part’s over. Now the crazy starts, but there are things I can do, useful ways to channel my jitters, so that’s not as bad as the… hanging. We have also pretty much decided to move up there, so that should keep me busy for awhile.

Dinner last night was Shepherd’s Pie, which only I like, so we tend to have lots of leftovers, which have to be stirred in the microwave, so I’ll be eating Shepherd’s Mush for a few days.

Today was Friday, and I was not home to make dinner. I usually leave Ignatz a can of ravioli or a box of frozen spring rolls or money to get a pizza, but this time, I asked what he wanted and he said “spaghetti, with your sauce,” (awww…) so I made a vat of spaghetti sauce yesterday. Unfortunately we tested it so enthusiastically that it was only half a vat by the time I ladled it into tupperware and shoved it in the freezer, but oh well. I made it to be consumed by my family, and it was, if not on the timeline that I was expecting.

Song du jour of the day: Your Heart Belongs to Me, by Hind, for the Netherlands, of course.


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