dinner improv. again.

Well, for Wednesday Tae Kwon Do we have a sort of carpool deal, wherein I drive Ignatz, his friend Tommy, and Tommy’s brother Dil to practice on Wednesday at 6, and their mother picks all three boys up a little after 7. Only this week Mr. Rugrat had car trouble so he took Mrs. Rugrat’s car so she couldn’t do any of the driving, and if one person takes the boys and fetches them, then it’s silly to come home, you wind up kicking around for fifteen minutes and then you have to leave again. So I had an unexpected hour in St. Wolfgang. I intended to knit, but instead I reclined the driver’s seat and took a nap in the car. Yeah, very classy. Still a bit jet-lagged, maybe?

The result was that I couldn’t make what I had planned for dinner, so DrBob had to improvise something. He made Pfannkuchen. Easy: milk, eggs, flour and salt, here’s how you make them, and then you can slice them up and put them in vegetable broth for Pancake Soup, or you can eat them with Nutella and bananas, or maple syrup, or jam, or ham and cheese, or butter and cinnamon sugar, or pretty much anything. Very versatile, very Bavarian, very popular with our kids.

Song du jour of the day: Ireland stops even pretending they want to win.


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