Day 8: Tuesday is our Sunday

Granted, Sunday is our other Sunday, but still. Aside from Sunday, Tuesday is the only day in the week when we are all four reliably at home and able to sit down to dinner together. And only between Easter and All Saints Day. In the winter, Tuesday is the Sniglet’s soccer day.

Today, though, we had a special circumstance, which is that even though I went shopping last night after dropping said Sniglet at soccer practice, I didn’t buy anything perishable because we’re getting on a plane tomorrow and I didn’t want to come home to a fridge full of rotten. So: skillet lasagna, no bread, no salad. Sadly. I can’t give you the recipe, but it’ll be in your Betty Crocker Cookbook. (Yes of course you have a copy. You don’t? Check again.) And I sort of accidentally made A TON, which now has to be eaten up. By DrBob, because I’m working tomorrow, and we leave for the airport pretty much the minute I get home.

Yeah, Opa’s driving us. This’ll be interesting: which will win out, his need to be two hours early for everything, or his fear of driving faster than 35mph? Or will the massive moral dilemma make his head explode? I’ll let you know on Monday. Till then, over and out.

Song du jour of the day: How about Finland’s Teräsbetoni, with Missä Miehet Ratsastaa. Ooo, like the photo, but it kinda goes downhill from there. Not that I mind metal, music-wise, but the rest of it makes me snicker. They refer to their shows as “battles.” Um. Yeah. Bet these guys are Manowar fans…


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