Day 7: half a family

I took DrBob to the airport this morning early, gack. In the bustle of a usual morning plus a dash to the airport and back before 8:30 (when I start work) I completely forgot to eat breakfast or bring any food with me – and I didn’t even notice until 10:30. Seriously. Dumb like rock.

Anyway. As you know, DrBob has an offer from Utrecht, and now has to negotiate. According to standard procedure, he informs his current employer and gives them the chance to make a counter-offer. They’re putting that together now. Then he goes back to Utrecht, with that counter-offer and his carefully marshalled arguments about how he needs more than they’re offering, to see if he can talk them up; that’s where he went this morning. (I can’t tell you how it went, only that it happened. Arg.) Then he’ll go back to London to see if they want to match or surpass that. And so on, back and forth, until a decision is made. He’ll be back tomorrow.

The Sniglet’s soccer-practice has moved to summer-mode, which means Mondays outside instead of Tuesdays inside. Generally I drop him off, Opa stays to watch practice and then takes him home and feeds him, and then brings him back to us right before bedtime. This is because the Sniglet and Opa both only eat the same six things (schnitzel, noodles, dumplings, Leberkäse, potato salad, and pickles), so he’s bound to like whatever they’re having for dinner, and he usually doesn’t like whatever I serve.

So it was just me and Ignatz for dinner today, so we did something the other two don’t like: Breakfast Night! We had pancakes.

Song du jour of the day: Vrag Naj Vzame, by Rebeka Dremelj for Slovenia. Catchy. This one might do well.


4 responses to “Day 7: half a family

  • amy

    I’m planning breakfast night for tomorrow, because I’m taking the kids on a field trip an hour away by myself–what was I thinking? I need to pack a lunch, and when will I get to nap? Seriously, I need to nap every day now–and I figure by the time I get home, exhausted, I could manage waffles and frozen chicken/apple sausage. Although last week I mucked up the waffles big time, so you never know. But I love breakfast for dinner.

  • alala

    Breakfast night seems to be a uniquely American thing. Ignatz, who lived in the States from age 2-6, is somewhat Americanized, but the Sniglet was 7 months old when we moved back here, and he’s German (well, Bavarian) through and through. DrBob is, of course, scandalized by 1) what we call pancakes and 2) the idea of eating them for dinner. 3) With syrup!

  • Melanie

    At least it makes up for the not remembering breakfast thing. I lived with someone who was a) a hypocrite because she was also b) a big fan of breakfast for dinner but gave her kid a big We Only Eat Breakfast Food in the Morning lecture while my leftover chili was in the microwave. He had requested Kraft Dinner for breakfast, I sided with him. I was not a good influence roommate for their family.

  • Kel

    My MIL once told me that her mom felt that whatever the kids wanted to eat, be it soup for breakfast, pancakes for dinner or blinis for lunch was a good thing. No constraints. She was a good lady.

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