Day 6: Sort of Swedish… meatballs, sort of

Sunday. Everybody’s home, and I try to make something June Cleaver-ish, involving multiple pots and pans. Swedish meatballs are easy, just make your usual meatballs, but instead of paprika and oregano or whatever you usually spice them with, add white pepper, nutmeg, and allspice. Unless, like me, you get everything started and then realize: that wasn’t allspice you bought for the Christmas cookies, it was cloves. What the hell, use them instead. And Ignatz doesn’t like nutmeg, so we tend not to use it, so the last time we ran out, we didn’t get around to buying more, oops. Well, um, cinnamon is pretty much the same thing, right? Yes it is. Shut up. Oh, and instead of placing the meatballs carefully in the pan and turning them gently with a spatula, I just whanged ’em in there and stirred them with a fork? So meatballs is maybe not the best word. Maybe I should have called them Swedish… meat.

I used a package-sauce from Ikea, but again, it’s quite simple, make your basic gravy and add some heavy (or whipping) cream.

And mashed potatoes! Oh, dang, we only have about six potatoes. Okay, boiled potatoes!

And also parsley carrots. This is a fab side dish because it’s so much pretty for so little effort.

Song du jour of the day: Azerbaijan’s Elnur & Samir, with Day After Day. Whoa. Did I say the Belgians were weird yesterday? Yeah, but only because I hadn’t seen this yet. Duuuudes…


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