Day 5: Peanut Butter Noodles

This is what I think of as guerilla cooking – I improvised it one desperate day, and we still eat it because it’s easy. Nobody loves it, but nobody complains about it.

Set some water to boil. In another pan, maybe a frying pan, heat some sesame oil, chop an onion. Cook the onion in the oil for five minutes or so, and throw in some meat or tofu. While that’s cooking, chop up one red, one yellow, and one green bell pepper. When the meat is done, turn the stove off. Add some satay sauce – we buy it in jars, but you can also make your own – I’d say about 1/3 cup, thin it with about half that amount of water, and then add the bell peppers and stir it around until they’re warm but still crunchy. I hate slimy cooked peppers. Add soy sauce until it’s salty enough. While that sits, cook your thin, quick-cooking rice or buckwheat noodles (soba or mie noodles) and then throw it all together.

A good side dish would be a cucumber salad made with rice vinegar, salt and a few fresh chives, but every time I try to buy rice vinegar DrBob points out that we already have too many kinds of vinegar at home, and besides it’s like $8 per ounce.

Song du jour of the day is Eurovision first semi-final number 6: Ishtar, with O Julissi, for Belgium. Weird, is my first impression. It might grow on me, or it might not – some of those harmonies might turn out to be too much.


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