Day 4: A Friday

Ah yes, the day we go to Munich and I work as late as possible so I can have the office to myself and plug my iPod into the computer’s speakers, and DrBob plays soccer until it gets dark, however late that turns out to be. The Sniglet goes to the Oompas, and Ignatz is on his own. I usually leave him a can of ravioli or a box of frozen spring rolls to heat up, but today he had a friend over and they made spaghetti. Not only that, they made enough for all, so when DrBob and I showed up starving at 10 p.m., there was food waiting for us. Teenagers = awesome.

P.S. Once the anesthesia wore off, Fufu was much less tragic. She’s walking carefully because things hurt, but she’s no longer falling over. I am so glad. I was very worried.

Song du jour of the day: place 3 in the first semi-final: Estonia, phoning it in with Kreisiraadio’s Leto Svet. Estonia has shown that they can produce decent tunes, and even win, but this year it looks like they’re riffing on Germany’s Wadde Hadde Dudde Da, which, to be fair, came in 3rd in 2000. Boy did that piss of the German Eurovision establishment (hee, you should have seen them the year Lordi won – Thomas Hermanns looked like he wanted to cry) (for the record, Thomas Hermanns is an excellent Eurovision maven, and generally I don’t want him to cry, but the whole Lordi thing was just too funny).


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