Day 2: overscheduled family chow

Morning! Blagh. First thing, right after the making tea and toast and packing lunches and shouting at children to get up and feeding the cats and all the other first things, but before leaving for work, strain the chicken broth into a plastic bowl and put it in the fridge. Throw out the yucky slimy scrappy stuff.

Okay, the Sniglet has soccer at 5 in Jagenau, Fufu has to go to the vet (worms. ew.) between 6 and 7, Ignatz has Tae Kwon Do at either 6 or 7, his choice – thankfully, it’s here in town today so he can walk. But he’ll have to eat dinner later, and since we have the vet visit, the in-laws will have to bring the Sniglet home and they always feed him first so he won’t have to eat at all. So. Something quick, that is either reheatable or still good at room temperature, doesn’t have to be something the Sniglet likes.

Spaghetti with pesto from a jar and the leftover chicken pieces. Pesto’s a vegetable, right? Oh okay, red bell pepper, cut in strips, because a salad wouldn’t be edible after waiting an hour for Ignatz.

Song du jour of the day: this year in Belgrade, Stefan Filipovic’ will open the first Semi-Final with Zauvijek Volim Te. Your basic cheerful Euro-Pop, but check out that church behind him in the video. One of the reasons I’m so pleased to be raising my kids in Europe is so that they can have things like this as part of their landscape.


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