gag me

Well, we went to Utrecht and played Tourist Family and it was fun. The night train was noisy and that made sleeping difficult, so we were all pretty groggy on arrival, but it was a good family bonding experience.

And that’s all I have to say about that, for now, because I don’t want to risk affecting certain negotiations. I also can’t write about A Thing that happened today, or another thing I read about in the paper, or, really, anything that’s on my mind. I can’t TALK! ACK!

Okay, March sucked, blogwise. What can I say, I got busy. I’m still busy, they seem to have offloaded all the other temps but me and one other. Or maybe everybody quit, I don’t know. I prefer to believe they kept me and the one-other because we are so clearly fabulous. Whatever, I’m still working, yay.

So I’m gonna start a new thing here, probably mostly for me because I am sure you all have a much, much better handle on feeding your family than I do. I’m going to call it 30 Days to Feed a Family, and I’ll be documenting my efforts to keep four pieholes fed and not complaining for one solid month, which should cover most of the contingencies we face: work, me out of town, husband out of town, kidsports, various appointments, and everything else that tends to get in my way. Okay? Let’s go.

Day 1: Roast a whole chicken. Whack in some carrots and potatoes, make a salad. I’ll be posting recipes whenever it doesn’t violate any copyright laws, but for this one that’s tricky, because here’s how I get a chicken roasted: I flutter my eyelashes and ask my husband to do it. It’s called cheating. Try it, it works a treat.

After dinner, while the kids clean up the kitchen (to the best of their ability and under close supervision) pick all the leftover chicken meat off the carcass and put it in a plastic bowl in the fridge. Boil the bones, skin and leftover gunk with a carrot, an onion, some celery leaves, about 10 peppercorns, a teaspoon of salt, and enough water to cover it all. Simmer for 45 minutes. Leave to cool overnight, covered, or the cats’ll get into it.

Song du jour of the day: Shame On You, by Tomas Thordarson.


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