bad hippie. no soybar.

You know, I do believe that global warming is a serious threat, and that human activity has contributed significantly to it. I do think we should stop being so wasteful of non-renewable energy, of energy in general, really. But this Earth Hour business, it Makes No Sense. What do you do for an hour in the dark? (Heh heh, yeah right, the kids are still awake, you pervert.) Watching TV or using your computer still consumes energy – lots of it. Read a book? With a flashlight (batteries! toxic metals, electronic waste!) or candles? Would that be tallow (byproduct of beef-fat rendering – overgrazing! deforestation!) or paraffin (a byproduct of petroleum refining) candles?

No, there’s really nothing to do but sit in the dark and feel self-righteous while achieving absolutely nothing. Because Making A Statement is all very well, but the people to whom you are making this statement? They already know how you feel, and they’ve already explained that they don’t give a rat’s ass. Remember saying No to the war in Iraq? And where did that get you? That’s right.

So, yeah, Earth Hour has been and gone here in Central Europe, and I didn’t participate, sorry. I promise, I’ll participate in Recycle Every Single Scrap Of Paper You Use Day, and the Drive A Teensy, Fuel-Efficient Car Twice A Week Or Less Campaign, and also the Vote For The Least Corrupt Candidate On Offer Project, but this? Not until you can show me that it has some postive, substantive result.

Song du jour of the day: Think, by Aretha Franklin.

7 responses to “bad hippie. no soybar.

  • amy

    Oh, thank you. For crying out loud, the NCAA Tournament is on. I’d do it on a Wednesday, you know? I don’t feel guilty, because really, we try really hard here. I recycle everything I can, I compost, I reduce, reuse, recycle. But I’m watching the b-ball.

  • Melanie

    My brother had a power out party. To which everyone drove.

  • Elemmaciltur

    I think it’s kinda bollocks. Anyway, I didn’t know about it anyway.

  • Nate

    we sulked around an bitched at each other (literally, all 8 of us) for 45 minutes, until someone got the bright idea (HA!) to get out a 500-piece puzzle of a psychedelic Tibetan sand-art thingy. Trying to do a 500-piece puzzle by candlelight is only slightly more fun than prying your eyeballs out with a spatula. Earth better friggin’ thank us for that hour, dammit.

  • Awa

    I participated in Earth Hour.

    It consisted of me, not micorwaved noodles for supper and no going to porno sites.

    Not that I frequent porno sites…but for the good of all humanity, I made a double effort not to place obscene on the screen.

    Miss ya!

  • Awa

    not equals no…too many noodles cloud the brain.

  • alala

    That’s the spirit, y’all! I’m particularly impressed by Awa’s sacrifice. I also didn’t visit any porn sites, but not for the good of the Earth. Motive is everything.

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