on the road…er, rails. Again. Sort of.

I tend to post late at night these days, and this time tomorrow night I’ll be unpostable, just so you know. We’re going up to Utrecht for a couple days. Disclaimer for any interested parties, this does not indicate that he is or is not definitely planning to take the Utrecht job, he is still waiting for Holloway’s counteroffer and no final decision has been made.

But DrBob and I went to London to look around last August (and didn’t bring the kids because of the expense and because where we planned to stay wasn’t really very kid-suitable), and now we are going up to Utrecht to look around. Only this time we are taking the kids, because it’s actually better to go by night-train than to fly, and we’ve been promising them a night-train trip ever since… well, since they were young enough to think that would be cool. Which they aren’t, really, anymore (my kids are SO jaded). And the weather is planning to suck dukey. But even so, we’re going to Rhode Island without them next month, and we haven’t planned a family vacation yet this year, and they really should get out of town at least once.

So. Tomorrow we board the night train. Tuesday morning we wake up in Utrecht, look around, I go to Stitch n Bitch, we sleep at a hotel. Wednesday we look around some more and then board the night train for home.

Song du jour of the day: 2000 Miles, by the Pretenders. Even though it’s only about 400 miles really. And it’s not Christmas. But otherwise, totally.


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