more things I can’t say

Amy sez:

I find it difficult to blog at all when there’s Stuff Going On that I shouldn’t be blogging about.

Oh, amen. Despite my signing up to Blog365 and promising to try to post every day this year, there were a couple gaps this month. The first one corresponds roughly to “We offered the job to the other candidate, and negotiations are underway. We will of course let you know the outcome.” The second one corresponds to “The other candidate has opted to stay in her current job, so we’ll send you an offer later this week.” Both times, I couldn’t think about anything else, couldn’t think at all, really.

I’m still a little stuck. And as negotiations are still underway, I still can’t tell you about it. So I’ll dedicate today’s song du jour of the day to DrBob: Should I Stay or Should I Go, by the Clash.

And if future posts contain more pointless fluff than usual, or simply don’t happen, you’ll know why.


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