10 Places I’d Take a Tourist in my Hometown

Ganked from the Diva, who was only just the best Secret Pal in the history of Secret Paldom.

So, a day in Port Townsend! Bring some good comfy walking shoes.

  1. Dogs-A-Foot for lunch. John and Sai sell hot dogs (as well as chili dogs, tofu dogs, chips and lemonade) from a trailer in a gravel lot and you sit outside with some very creatively dressed cloth dummies and enjoy the sunshine. Bliss.
  2. For dessert, the Elevated Ice Cream Company right across the street! I loved it even before I worked there, so this is not bias speaking. It’s just the best place, with the best ice cream, made right there onsite, and if you click on the virtual tour link in the gallery section of the website, you’ll be able to see (somewhat blurrily) how cute Ignatz was when he was four.
  3. Now let’s walk off all that food by wandering over to Point Hudson and following the beach up to Chetzemoka Park to look at the flowers.
  4. We can follow the beach further around to Fort Worden, or walk through Uptown and out Cherry Street. It used to be a military base, so we can look at the Officers’ houses or visit the lookout tower. Centrum‘s there now, so we might be lucky and catch the Blues Festival or FiddleTunes, or any of a number of art, music or dance exhibitions or workshops.
  5. A nice wander through Uptown, to look at the many spiffy Victorian houses dotted here and there and mostly serving as B&Bs now, because a normal family can’t really afford the upkeep on the old creakers. But they sure are pretty to look at.
  6. The Bell Tower.
  7. The Post Office. Not to see to any postal needs, but because it’s a fairly imposing (well, in Port Townsend Terms) gray building at the top of the bluff, with a nice view out over the water.
  8. Ready to sit down a bit? We can take the ferry to Keystone and back, to get a view of town from the water, and also to spend some time on the water. You have to spend some time on the water in Port Townsend, it’s part of the local religion.
  9. For dinner we should go to The Fountain Café. It’s yummy, but teensy, so we should get there early if we want a table. Their desserts are good, but Melanie tells me there’s a pie shop right near there that is fantastic. If it’s open, we should go there for dessert. Yes, dessert twice in one day. It’s a special day.
  10. Let’s catch a movie at the Rose Theater. It’s cute and very close by.

Song du jour of the day: City of Dreams, by the Talking Heads.


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