the joys of cat ownership

I was awakened this morning, half an hour before my alarm clock was due to ring, by a high-pitched squeaky noise, such as a small animal in pain might make. Like, for example, a mouse being tormented by a cat. Then Lilu came trotting in with a mouse in her mouth and dropped it on my bedroom floor. I, thinking it was already dead or nearly so, said “Lilu get out of here with that thing!” (I’m not very diplomatic when you wake me up suddenly.) She immediately picked it up and trotted out of my bedroom.

Cool. A cat that obeys fairly complex commands. Except that less than a minute later she was back. With the mouse. Which she started smacking around, and it squeaked again, which meant it was still alive. Ig.

So I leaped out of bed, and Lilu, who has extensive experience of me taking her suffering toys away from her (for the past few days it’s been earthworms), picked up the mouse and bolted for the living room. The location of the only carpet we have. The fairly expensive carpet that Georg gave us but even so, I don’t want mouse guts on it. Now, to be fair, I did try to honor her huntress nature, as DrBob says we should (frankly, I was happier when the mighty huntress was out subduing acorns, but whatever) – I opened the patio door and told her to take her toy outside. But no, she was happy where she was. She flopped down and rolled over on the poor mouse.

So argh, I picked her up, sans mouse, tossed her out onto the glassed-in patio and shut the outer door so she couldn’t escape, dropped a plastic bowl over the mouse and eased it onto a magazine (I try not to touch Nature if I can possibly avoid it). The mouse actually seemed pretty okay – paralyzed with fear, but not noticeably bleeding or broken. I did manage to get it out to the driveway, but the magazine was thin and the mouse jostled the bowl aside, slid off the magazine and landed on the pavement from a height of about four feet. I stayed outside (barefoot. March.) long enough to make sure it could hobble all the way into the shrubbery and then went in and released Lilu from her prison.

Not my favorite way to wake up, is all I’m saying.

Song du jour of the day: Good Morning, by Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly.


4 responses to “the joys of cat ownership

  • amy

    Hunter nature be damned, our kitty boys are inside cats. One hunts the other, the children, stray paper clips, pieces of paper, yarn (BAD kitty!), clothespins, writing implements…you get the idea. But, no mice. Blech.

  • Nate

    Not sure what the deal is with the “I have to show this to you” instinct, but it seems to be lacking in our cats. Ladybug had a little of that early on, and Tiptoe probably did too, but since we moved about 3 years ago, they just leave them on the lawn. There have been no presents of the recently-killed (or still-suffering) sort. Must just be you.
    re: the song link… as I was reading, the ‘just call me angel of the morning’ song came to mind, but the one from Singin’ in the Rain is better. : )

  • alala

    @amy: well, if I had your reasons, I’d have indoor cats too, but mine are perfectly healthy and allergy-free, which means I only have to deal with a litter-box if I want to – which I don’t. So out they go.

    @Nate: I bet it’s not me, it’s your Missus. I’m pretty sure she made it quite clear to Tiptoe and Ladybug that such gifts would not be appreciated, and they’re smart enough to know who’s really boss.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Just wait until she decides to wake you up by dropping the mouse on your face in the morning. :-p

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