game day

We went to a soccer game today! A real one, this one, at the Allianz Arena. The tickets were the Sniglet’s birthday present to DrBob. Hm. Those of you who are familar with (or totally indifferent to) the German football league system can skip down to the next paragraph. Here’s a more comprehensive overview, but the thing you should know is that the teams in the league play for position on the league table, and the Bundesliga’s (First League’s) three worst teams slip down to the Second League at the end of the season. The Second League’s three best teams move up into the First League, its three worst teams will henceforth slip down to the newly-created Third League, and so on down the line. Incidentally, our local team, Jagenau, has been climbing up a league per year for the past three years or so. It’s very exciting.

So our main team, TSV 1860, is a Second-League team right now, but they weren’t always. They were Bundesliga champions the year DrBob was born, and there was even a guy from Jagenau on that team, ooo. Of course it is a very sad thing when your team gets “relegated” (that’s what it’s called when they slip down to a lower league), but for us it means tickets are cheaper and we don’t have to buy them two years in advance, so it ain’t all bad.

It was a very frustrating match from a soccer standpoint, many many shots, very few goals, lots of turnover and much groaning. But as an event, it was pretty awesome. The Arena is smaller than the Olympic Stadium that they used to use, and every seat has a good view of the pitch – we had great seats, in row 5 and it was really just so cool with the yelling and the chanting and all. Ooo, and once? When a player was about to take a penalty shot, this guy in front of us stood up to see better. People were yelling at him but he didn’t do anything, but then he turned around and I gave him the Mom Glare and he sat right down. Hah! Pwned!

Oh! Oh! And? HAGH! There’s these food counters around the main level selling sausage and drinks, and there is one that sells Kaffee and Kuchen! Coffee and cake! SO cute. SO German. Hee hee hee.

We’ll definitely do this again.

Song du jour of the day: Spain’s Eurovision entry this year, Baila el ChikiChiki, by Rodolfo Chikilicuatre. I don’t really know what to say about this.


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