this makes me giggle…

For a week or two now I’ve been hanging around Stuff White People Like. Half the time I’m all, “what? No we don’t,” and the other half is “what? You mean everybody doesn’t?” I particularly enjoy the huffy comments.

Song du jour of the day: Mere Lapsed, by Koit Toome, sung in Estonian. I totally gravitate to music whose lyrics I don’t understand. I am now wondering if that’s a white-people thing, or a language-geek thing, or if it’s just me.


One response to “this makes me giggle…

  • Nate

    I read most of that list thinking to myself, “uh, maybe white people under 30, or something… dang, I’m old.” For a few of them, I remembered a quote, probably from Chris Rock, that went something like, “white people need black friends so they won’t get they a– whipped, and black people need white friends so they won’t get arrested.”

    whoever’s writing that stuff’s pretty funny, though. : )

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