gotta love the Germans

So they have these posts on the road, about 10 meters apart – white with a black stripe, and a little reflectory-bit in the stripe. They’re good for telling how far back you should be from the next car, or where the road is when blowing snow makes it otherwise indistingushable from the surrounding fields.

Today I was walking to work, and this tractor hove out of the fairgrounds parking lot and onto the road out to Jagenau – and stopped. Then it moved on, and ten meters later, stopped again. As I came up even with it, I saw a little rotating brushy-thing sticking out the side, brushing the posts.

Just… wow. Holding up traffic with a giant machine at rush hour to clean the little road-posts. Granted, not a lot of people are rushing to Jagenau, it’s another airport community like OurTown, but still. These people are just so weird.

Song du jour of the day: Dschinghis Khan (the German spelling of Ghengis Khan – they sent this to Eurovision in 1979).


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