Boss, Ma’am didn’t bat an eye when I said I can only work until 1:30 next week, she just pencilled it right in. So yay, I still have a job! Just not such an exhausting schedule. Whew. Because it is causing problems, some, but I kind of love working.

And yes, I’m going to Rhode Island! I keep meaning to put up more specific information, but the airline sent me the flight data in a .pdf, and .pdfs irk me. I’ll open it soon, since the trip is already next month.

Also, yes, I have given up on exercising while I’m working full-time. That would be a Very Bad Decision if it were a long-term one, but it’s just until I can find a few more hours. For now, virtue consists of getting to bed at a decent hour, which, for today, is already unattainable. I’ll have to settle for semi-decent.

Song du jour of the day: Good Night, Sweetheart, by the Spaniels, because I couldn’t find the Sha-na-na version.


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