oh wow. that was a hurricane?

I woke up with a headache, and the trees were whipping about in an apparently strong wind. Then it all went still and a whole bunch of slush fell from the sky – not snow that turned to slush, no. This was ready-made misery. The church tower fell over in Vilsbiburg, and a couple of trees went down here and there, but I only just now found out that it was a hurricane.

But Ignatz went to school (I know it’s Saturday; it was the makeup day for Silly Fish Day). We went shopping. It wasn’t pleasant out, but it’s not what an American thinks of when she hears the word “hurricane,” you know? I think maybe they should use another word for what this was. Like, “storm.”

This may explain why Europeans have such odd ideas about extreme weather. DrBob has actually said he’d like to see a tornado. I said, well make sure you’re really old when you do, because it’ll be the last thing you see. My friend Vicki’s (Italian) husband was wandering around looking out the windows during their first Florida hurricane. Windows! Do you know what windows do in a hurricane?

They must think we’re total wimps, to batten down the hatches and head for the cellar when the sirens start, because they probably think a hurricane in the U.S. is like a hurricane here, and I’m here to tell you, it ain’t. And I am really and truly sorry about the two fatalities from today’s storm, but. Um. If it was a hurricane, what in the shiny blue blazes were you doing out in it? On a motorcycle? Except we were out in it, and it… wasn’t a hurricane.

Another reason why Europeans and Americans will never understand eachother.

Song du jour of the day: Here I Stand and Face the Rain, by A-Ha.


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