Daily Archives: 28 February 2008


Tomorrow I have the day off from my data-entry job! So that I can go work at my Munich job. This doesn’t seem like much of a victory. But after work I get to go knit at lanaiolo! And I would post a link to the site but it isn’t up yet, and frankly, this is a bit less than okay. She’s been in business since November, and the web design agency she hired still hasn’t put her site up. When we talked about it a few weeks ago, she said “you’d be surprised how complicated getting a website is,” and I said “no, I am a web designer, and it’s not complicated.” You can get something up in a weekend – your location and open hours and upcoming events at the very least – and add the fancy stuff later. There’s no reason for it to take this long, and I bet the agency’s getting a lot of money from her too. Grrr. You know, there are so many crap websites in Germany, and so many businesses that need them and don’t have them, and honestly, if agencies like this are the norm, I begin to see why.

But anyway. Tomorrow I get to knit. That’s a reason to be happy. I also get to sit at a computer and type, which… is… what I did all day, and what I’m doing right now. Hm. Maybe I should re-think how I spend my non-wage-earning time.

Song du jour of the day: Mean Woman Blues, by Roy Orbison.