like blood in water

The scandal is spreading, and praise be. Even the United States of If You’re Poor It’s Because God Hates You is getting in on the action, though any penalties the IRS imposes will probably be laughable. I do like Nick Cohen’s take on the story, if you have time to read it.

As for this argument:

I don’t know, when people earn a lot of money they sometimes think they should get to keep it and enjoy it.

…right, while we who have to wait until school supplies go on sale should pay to keep the country running. Also, hello? If you’re raking in $50,000 every eleven minutes, “earn” is the wrong word.

I say we invade Liechtenstein. Hah.

Song du jour of the day: It’s All Right, by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, although this version is Impressionless, just Curtis and um, some other folks.

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