Daily Archives: 25 February 2008


Tomorrow is San José Day, the (hang on, counting on my fingers…) 14th (gah!) anniversary of the day DrBob and I met… in Quito International Airport. Um. We were on the same flight from San José, Costa Rica, and actually it was in San José that I first saw him, though I don’t know if he saw me there – goodness, what a thing not to know about your spouse after 14 years, eh? Anyway. We first spoke in Quito. First kissed in Cuenca. First… um, wait. Do my nieces still read this blog? Okay, nevermind.

The point I was planning to make is: he’s not here. He also won’t be here on his birthday, in about three weeks. This distance thing is losing its shine.

Song du jour of the day: Summer Kisses, Winter Tears by The King.