a conversation at breakfast

I opened a new jar of honey today, and noticed that it said “Bienen-Honig” – “Bee Honey.” I mused aloud as to what other kind of honey there could be. Is there perhaps cat-honey, or bird honey?

The Sniglet said: “There’s cat-honey, but you can only get it in another country.”

I said: “Oh really? What’s it like?”

He said: “It doesn’t have any sugar, and cats really like it.”

I said: “Where can you get it?”

He said: “I forget. Australia, I think.”

Hee hee. He sounded very authoritative, not at all like he was making it up on the spot.

Song du jour of the day: My Galileo, by Alexandra & Konstantin. I’ll be continuing this Eurovision kick long after you’ve grown tired of it – sorry, that’s what I do. Anyway, this song is just… not really what I would expect from Belarus. I guess.

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