a nation is born

Okay, granted, this happens about every ten minutes here in Europe, but it’s still news: Kosovo, people! Germany and the U.S. say yay! Russia and Serbia say hell-to-the-no (Serbia’s recalled its ambassador from Germany! Oh no!). I’m not sure what I think, and I can’t really talk to DrBob about it because, um… well, he’s not operating on the same assumptions I am. The other day he said “Why do all the members of a nation have to live in the same country?” and I thought, oh, right, that idea got you guys into trouble awhile back, didn’t it? By the time I’d done the necessary recalculations, he was back in London.

So I don’t know what I think. I hope it goes well (already too late to say “peacefully”), but hm, a difference of opinion between Albanians and Serbs, two cultures that seem to have a recent history of large-scale chaos, and I haven’t heard any of them say “yeah, that was a mistake, we have a new approach now.” (Disclaimer: of course I don’t think Serbia made that mess in the 90s all by themselves, but you can hardly call them innocent bylookers, now can you?)

Anyhoo, I see two things possibly happening: even more chaos in the Balkans, and ripple effects elsewhere as people like the Basques and the Corsicans and even the Welsh think “hang on… if they can do it…” There’s a Bavarian separatist movement, you know. The old royal family is still around, so Bavaria could even have a king again, if it wanted.

And of course, the Most Important Question of all: how will this effect the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? Not just because Yugoslavia is now 14 different countries that all vote for eachother, but also because the contest is happening in Belgrade. Will the breakaway republics be booed, or blacklisted, or silenced (or possibly electrocuted) by “technical difficulties?” Should be an interesting show.

Song du jour of the day: Naj bogovi slišijo, by Vili Resnik, from Slovenia – the country that started this whole cascade of secession.


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