I miss y’all

Yes, y’all – Most languages have a word for multiple-you. English had one, but dropped it, and the fact that we keep inventing it anew means we actually need it. Youse, yiz, you lot, you guys, y’all, you-uns: my bloggers. My Bloglines has 276 unread… um, items, and I’ll try to make a dent in them tomorrow, but I haven’t checked your blogs in a week, most of you. This bums me out, but after a day of data-entry, I don’t want to spend too many more hours looking at a screen, nor can I when there’s dinner and laundry and reading to children. Today I didn’t do any of that, except for the dinner and the reading, and a few little houseworky-things. I knitted! (Knat? Whatever.) A lot! I can (and do) read blogs while I knit simple things, but today, I was working on something fiddly and complicated that doesn’t allow for reading. But I got two heels finished! Yippee!

Tomorrow, the festival of housework begins. It’s going to be so fun.

Song du jour of the day: I Say a Little Prayer, by Aretha Franklin.


One response to “I miss y’all

  • amy

    Totally understandable. I don’t feel at all neglected. I used to edit online 8+ hours per day. Ugh! Who wants to be on the computer after a day on the computer?! I hope tomorrow holds time for lots of knatted stuff and the housework goes quickly.

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