What if it were fish?

I think I mentioned before that I don’t really like seafood. It’s not just the taste, the smell kind of bothers me too. We don’t really eat much seafood, but they have it at the store and in restaurants, so sometimes I have to see it and smell it and that’s not fair. I shouldn’t have to endure that. Seafood should be banned, from all restaurants and stores, even the ones I don’t go to. Because I might go to one of them someday, and I don’t want to accidentally see or smell fish. And what about restaurant and store employees who don’t like fish? You can’t just tell them to go work somewhere else.

Seafood is disgusting anyway. Do you have any idea how polluted the oceans are? Dioxins and untreated sewage and pesticide and fertilizer run-off… Nobody needs that in their body, so even if you think you like fish, I’m acting in your best interests too. You should be thanking me for trying to get fish banned. And anyway, you can’t possibly really like it. Because I don’t.

Song du jour of the day: Tom Traubert’s Blues, by Tom Waits.


4 responses to “What if it were fish?

  • amy

    Point taken. We disagree. Tell me when someone dies of secondhand fish.

  • alala

    Hee. Does fugu count?

    No really, I don’t smoke, and I’m not a big fan of the tobacco industry, so I find it weird that I’m defending smoking. I’m sorry about your experience in DC, that’s gross – people shouldn’t be allowed to smoke everywhere, but I also don’t think it should be banned everywhere. I just think there should be some moderation on all sides.

  • Melanie

    Sometimes a fish is just a fish.

    Here in BC, they just passed a great law, you now can’t smoke in a car if there are kids in the car!!!

  • alala

    Yeah, well, you probably shouldn’t. But I don’t see why you shouldn’t smoke in bars, you’re not going to take your kids there (at least I hope not). That said, if second-hand smoke is as dangerous as it is currently portrayed, then none of us should have survived the 70s. And yet, here we still are.

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