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So here’s the deal: Bavaria just passed a draconian anti-smoking law, and there’s some kind of exemption that allows certain bars to classify themselves as “clubs” and provide a smoking section for “members” – I don’t really know all the details. I don’t need to know them, because I don’t smoke. I’m not sure how I managed to quit smoking without turning into an anti-smoking Nazi, I guess my hypocrisy just takes other forms, but to be honest I find the shrill, bossy control-freaks much more annoying than the smokers.

Whatever. Now, if you want to smoke in a club, you have to sign up with these people and they give you a card which you flash if the Behavior Gestapo decide to collar you for smoking… or something. Like I said, I’m not clear on the details. But the response has been tremendous, the forms are pouring in, and it’s my job (and that of several other people) to put the information on the forms into a database – as quickly as possible, which is why they can’t really let me work part-time. So, from 8:30 to 5, I type names, addresses, phone numbers and bank account info into a computer.

And it’s fine. The people I work with are very nice, the work isn’t difficult, though you get a little dazed after about six hours of it. It’s just that I get home around 5:30 and it’s a good hour before I’m really able to converse normally, but that’s exactly the hour in which one husband and two sons want to download the contents of their day into my dizzy brain, because I was gone so long and they missed me. And you know, there’s dinner and homework-checking and bedtime stories and kids needing showers and Pilates (no I am not giving up, dammit!) et cetera, when what I really want is to just sit and stare at a wall. None of it’s bad, I’m just… used to having more free time. Is all.

Kelly works full time and manages to keep her house clean and her children aren’t nearly as feral as mine, but she does it by getting up before dawn, which, Kelly? I love you, but you are insane.

I think I just need more caffeine.

Song du jour of the day: Boat Drinks, by Jimmy Buffett.


4 responses to “about the job

  • amy

    Oh, yes. I’ve done data entry. It does get dazing.

    As for the non-smoking law, RI went smoke free too, with some exemptions. And I am grateful. A big part of the lobbying was recognizing that the people who work in restaurants don’t necessarily want to be exposed to all that second-hand smoke, and opponents can say, “Well, work someplace else then,” but it’s not really that simple. For some people, tending bar or waiting tables is the most commonsense way to earn a living, especially while doing something else (raising a family, going to school). I wish the law had been passed while I was waiting tables. Also, it would have been nice to go to concerts without stinking like smoke.

    And now, I don’t need to call ahead to make sure a restaurant is smoke free, or that their non-smoking section is sufficiently away from the smoking section so that it actually IS a non-smoking section, and not just a little section without ash trays into which the second-hand smoke drifts. Because I’m kind of protective of my kids’ lungs. When we vacationed in DC, the worst part was all the smoke everywhere, outside, inside, everywhere. We walked into restaurants and walked right out again because I thought I’d take years off my small children’s lives if we spent an hour there eating.

    I guess I’m a control freak about the smoke, and yes, I can be shrill about it at times. 🙂

  • amy

    PS Sorry, that’s an awful long comment…

  • Kel

    My children AREN’T feral? Are you sure? I have the smallest one in a cage right now, and there are pterodactyl noises coming from that direction, as well as an ominous rattling noise, and the larger one is running up and down the stairs hooting like a gorilla. AND I’m not even going to go into what Rora is up to!

  • Elemmaciltur

    You can do it!!! I think that I sometimes belong to the Anti-Smoking people.

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