the long race, part three: Obama

No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.
– Lily Tomlin

I do tend to give up too easily. I get so frustrated with… well, everything. Jeeze, read the history of the 20th century and ask yourself how people can do such things to eachother. But the assumptions that support these behaviors are so ingrained, that change seems impossible. It’s easier just to give up.

But you know, that speech, it reminded me that things have been worse, and they changed. People marched, fought overwhelming odds, and even died for things we now take for granted – the right to vote (for most of us); weekends and evenings, waking hours spent not-at-work; equal justice under laws that had to be rewritten to reflect an ever-expanding definition of “human.” Even when the other side held all the cards, people brought about change. We can do it again. I’d forgotten to hope, but now I am reminded.

Song du jour of the day: Yes We Can, by Barack Obama, Will.I.Am, Scarlett Johansson, and lots of other people. Lots of people.


One response to “the long race, part three: Obama

  • angela

    My sister and I have been proObama since the beginning. Anti Hillary since she started running for senator amidst rumors that she could be ‘headed for the white house’.

    The thing that I like and respect about Obama is that the man could inspire trees to pull up roots and walk. And I agree with the rude pundit– for the first time in my adult life there is a presidential candidate who FEELS like a president; when central casting goes out and picks a president… the things that they look for, Obama has the attitude, manner, and eloquence wrapped up like a bow. Also, I like that he is not a sniping little cat… and his voice doesn’t make my teeth hurt like a certain female candidate…

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