the long race part two: Hillary

During the presidential race in 1992, my favorite Clinton-supporter button said “Vote for Hillary’s husband.” Heh. We liked her, she was smart and committed – committed to decent healthcare for every American, a cause I could definitely get behind. And it was certainly time for a First Lady with a brain, no more silver-haired Stepford sociopaths or quivering amphetamine junkies. But boy, did the other side hate Hillary, and boy, do they still.

This worries me, that she can excite such slobbering vituperation. I worry that she’ll be too busy deflecting the hate-machine to govern effectively – hell, she’s already voted against the cluster-bomb ban in an effort to seem “tough enough.” Who the hell was she trying to impress? Americans may have a reputation for being stupid out here in the wider world, but we are not fooled by Republican Lite, and nobody’s going to think “well, I was going to vote Republican, but now that I know Hillary’s also okay with slaughtering civilians, she’s got my support.” She’s become too calculating, and I don’t really trust her anymore. As a feminist, I would love to see a female President, but I’m not naive enough to vote for a candidate I don’t trust, just because she’s a woman. (Well, not when there’s a candidate I like better. Rest assured, if she wins the Democratic nomination, she’ll have my vote.)

Plus there’s all that history from the eight years she’s already spent in the White House. It’s not fair, but it’s there, and I don’t think it’ll help. I think the Rude Pundit‘s right, though I would probably have phrased it a tad differently.

Song du jour of the day: I Can’t Get Started, by Sarah Vaughan.


2 responses to “the long race part two: Hillary

  • amy

    I haven’t had my coffee yet and shouldn’t be leaving a comment at all in my headachy muddled state, but I can’t vote for her. I don’t want to vote for her, woman or no. I haven’t voted for a balloted candidate since 1996 (it doesn’t matter anyway, RI’s 4 electoral votes always go to the Democratic candidate). I’m really hoping I’m not forced to write someone in again in November.

    How is Belgium, as a place to live? Apparently we could try to make a case that Chris’s office needs someone in Belgium. Which we might do, if Hillary wins. I’ve had enough of presidents I can’t stand. I’m ready to flee if she wins.

  • Melanie

    The official Obama campaign is actually paying Kick now. How much and for doing what I don’t know because we are too busy to have anything other than “how long did she nap?” conversations. He luuuuurves Obama and feels about Hillary like the rude pundit does.

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