the long race, part one

I haven’t really bothered to express a preference for the Democratic candidate because it’s not really up to me. I don’t get to participate in primaries or caucuses (yes, there was a thing I could have gone to yesterday evening in Munich, ill and with a sleepy and uncooperative 7-year-old in tow, but that’s more work than I want to do for a primary, and I sincerely doubt that it’d have any effect anyway), so I don’t have any say in who the Democratic candidate will turn out to be. Whoever it is, I’ll vote for him or her, since I’d rather see the Democrats in power than the Republicans, and the fact is that despite the personality contest and height-comparisons, you’re not electing a candidate: you’re electing a party. The winner will appoint party members to push the party platform, so however many times McCain has co-sponsored something with a Democrat, he is not one, and he never will be. He won’t make your health insurance affordable or shut down Guantanamo. Ditto for Hillary and the Republicans.

The other reason I haven’t written on this is because I’ve done enough research to form a preference, but not enough to argue it effectively. To be honest, I liked Edwards, because he’s the only one who even suggested that corporate greed is, you know, bad, and something should be done to restrain the excesses of Big Money. Note that his campaign suffered from media underexposure: and the media outlets are owned by…? Yep. So much for objective news, eh?

I do have a preference for the Republican candidate: Huckabee! Because there’s no way he could ever win, and because his name is fun to say, though DrBob keeps calling him Huckleberry.

Song du jour of the day: Train of Thought, by A-Ha.


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