let there be fish

Today is a special holiday only here in our town. The name translates to Silly Thursday, wherein people wear long white shirts and white long-johns and paint their noses red to show how wild and crazy they are. And also how drunk they can get. Yeah, Bavarians try to chase away the winter blues with Fasching. It’s the local version of Mardi Gras, and I really should try to get into it, because God knows I need something to distract me from the fact that it’s still winter, but I just can’t. Mardis Gras with no zydeco and no samba? No thank you.

Anyway, Silly Thursday is part of the Fasching tradition, but only in this one town. The kids get the day off school, and because none of us want to wear white jammies and run around town drinking beer, I usually take the opportunity to take them to Munich and do something that would ordinarily be too crowded with other people’s kids.

This time we went to the Sea Life Center and it was waycool. Unlike of the website, which is very flashy but poorly organized, the Center itself looks kind of dull and limited at first but there’s always something more around the next corner, and it’s very well-organized. You start with a little version of the Isar, the river that runs through Munich – fish typical of this river, and a crate of empty beer bottles, very authentic. Then you go through the Danube, look at the water in a port and at the Danube delta, and then into the Black Sea exhibit. And there’s a shipwreck section and a sunken city section, and we saw seahorse feeding time, which was like science-fiction cool! It was a lot of really interesting stuff in one place, and we bought yearly passes so we can go back. The Sniglet said it was the most fun he’s had since Legoland. Praise indeed.

Song du jour of the day: Rock Lobster, by the B-52s.

Oh – edited to add: the information at Sea Life is in German and English, so come visit and we’ll take you there!

5 responses to “let there be fish

  • amy

    It sounds very cool! I am completely lacking the energy this week to do anything fun with my kids, and I feel bad about it. Bad and Guilty.

    That IS a maddening website. I wanted to see more on the Black Sea exhibit, because our aquarium has one too, based on Dr. Robert Ballard’s explorations there, and I was curious about it. But I can’t find it on their website, which looks like it was designed by and for sugared-up six-year-olds.

  • alala

    Gee, all I wanted was to find out how much the dern tickets cost, and whether and when it was open today. This information – the first thing most visitors will want to know – is hidden deep inside the site. Information architecture, people: it’s not just meaningless newspeak, and there must be somebody besides me in this country who knows how to do it.

  • Melanie

    Sold, we’ll be there next week! Or so.

  • Laura F.

    Okay, Silly Fish Day sounds absolutely hilarious. Sorry, Silly Thursday, but when I first read your post I must have been looking at the whole page at once, because this day has permanently blurred into Silly Fish Day in my mind, and I see a whole bunch of people in long johns and red noses running around waving fish in the air.

    Alala, THANK you so much for the card and the chocolates. It arrived this evening, and it was just so, so–wonderful, really wonderful of you to send it. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you.

  • oh wow. that was a hurricane? « alala

    […] was a hurricane. But Ignatz went to school (I know it’s Saturday; it was the makeup day for Silly Fish Day). We went shopping. It wasn’t pleasant out, but it’s not what an American thinks of […]

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