I’m feelin’ it

So this exercising thing… no, I’m not seeing much in the way of results, but I do feel better. Stronger, more… balanced, I guess. Less likely to trip over things, more able to gallop up the stairs to get the phone and be able to answer with “Hello?” instead of my usual “Wa-HEEEEEEEZE!” This is progress, right?

I really think the Pilates is helping, even though I was initially skeptical because none of it hurts. I worried about keeping up with the video, but I can’t keep… down with it. I can’t move that slowly without falling asleep. In fact, I suspect Ms Bussell is napping between reps a couple times there. The accompanying music is from the meander-around-the-keyboard-selecting-notes-at-random school of compositon. No percussion, so no way to get a sense of how long I’ve been holding this damn leg up. I get bored. Plus this is cutting way into my Battlestar Galactica time.

But I feel better. So okay, one resolution seems to have taken hold. This is progress. This is good.

We’ll see how long it lasts.

Song du jour of the day: Mojot Svet, by Karolina Gocheva.

5 responses to “I’m feelin’ it

  • Melanie

    Good for you!!! I am taking a class actually AT the university this semester (required stats course and the last time I am taking a non-distance ed course for a loooong while), so I go really early to beat the traffic and I have been using the pool (since it’s free for students until 9am) and I have seen an improvement already (once a week since the second week of Jan). I can swim faster and it’s all just easier. Isn’t it great?

  • alala

    “It’s all just easier” – very well put, that is exactly what I meant. But I think I need a different Pilates DVD, because this one is starting to irk me.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Hmmmm…maybe I should do Pilates, too.

    BTW, next Friday (not tomorrow), same place, same time? Or is Dr. Bob coming in?

  • Kelly Fowler

    I just started a new thing with Rora- its a fitness show called Shimmy. Belly dancing! Its actually pretty cool, and helps on my end cause all the chicks are curvy, so I don’t feel like I need to keep up with the Twiggys. Lots of stomach work, some grace, wicked cool music. All good.

  • alala

    @ elemm: yes. and yes. He usually wants to stay in Munich late.

    @ kel: sounds interesting, I’ll keep an eye out for it in region 2.

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