good news

Apparently I love the Austrians only in alternate years. Because in 2006 they let me watch the Seahawks beat the Panthers, but then in 2007 they had snowboarding women on while the Bears were beating the Seahawks (hang on, maybe they were looking out for me after all…).

Anyway, they’re showing the Super Bowl again this year, commentated by (probably) the only two German speakers in the world who actually get football. Even better, the kids’ one-week winter vacation starts the very next day, so I don’t even have to get up early. Which is good, since kickoff is at midnight, my time, and I should be getting to bed around four.

So, since it can’t be the Seahawks, Go Patriots!

Song du jour of the day: The Part That Really Matters, by the Proclaimers.

2 responses to “good news

  • amy

    Woo-hoo!! I’m so glad you didn’t say Go Giants.

    The summer my second was a newborn the Olympics were somewhere across the world, I can’t remember–Australia? Greece?–and everything was shown taped during the day. I sat up all night with Nicholas in the rocking chair and I’d turn on the TV hoping to see something LIVE and get stuck with the sports absolutely nobody cared about. It aggravated me to no end.

  • alala

    Well of course not. I don’t know any Giants fans.

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