a new challenge

So Ignatz’s Tae Kwon Do teacher, who is very enthusiastic about how quickly Ignatz learns and how well he’s doing (actually, he’s enthusiastic about everything – I’ve never seen such an energetic human), now wants Ignatz and his friend “Tommy” to be able to do the splits in time for… um, not the next test, but the next-next one, I think. So my new mission is to help my kid become more flexible. (This is one thing I actually know a fair bit about, having studied dance in college.)

Wow. He’s so stiff he can barely straighten his legs, and as he is not so good at the listening, it is proving challenging. But it’s also kind of fun. It’s an excuse to spend time with him anyway, and those are pretty rare with a 13-year-old. Still. Splits? Skeptical.

Song du jour of the day: Suo Gan. Welsh lullaby, author unknown, but you can hear one version of it here. If you want.


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