maybe o. possibly c. definitely not d.

The Ecksofa. The L-shaped corner couch that is a feature of every suburban German household – yea, every single one. The U.S. has the minivan, England has the package holiday, Germany has L-shaped couches as their icon of suburbia.

Ours? Is white. Seriously, who buys a white couch? Okay, this is a row house, we can only have windows in the front and back walls (I guess we could put windows in the side walls, but I think the neighbors might object), and the front windows look out on a forest. A small one, yes, but a forest is a forest: darkish. So it’s darkish in here, and a big heap of black furniture would be bad. And I’m allergic to beige, so it had to be white. At least it has wheels and can also be used as a bed – we haven’t completely forgotten who we are. (Hint: we are perpetual college students.) It’s in two pieces that can be hitched together various ways.

So okay, you have white furniture, you have boys, you have to cover the furniture, so we have these off-white blankety-things. And keeping them straight and nice has been my constant preoccupation.

Obsessive? A little. I can’t keep the blankets straight! They drag on the floor, they wrinkle, and in the corner bit they just look awful, all bunched up and herky, and they don’t properly cover the whole couch, and I have put up with this for over a year. It was getting on my last nerve, so I finally unhitched the couches this week. Now they are two separate couches, at right angles to eachother, but they are separate furniture entities, with occasionally tidy blankety-things.

Compulsive? Sometimes. The blankets still drag on the floor, so I do have to straighten them five or six times a day. And lecture the kids on keeping them nice. And reposition the couches, because of the boys’ rocketlike approach to sitting down, and the wheels. But it’s not all the time. Anymore.

Disorder? No way. I am totally okay with this. Thank you.

Song du jour of the day: Little Dysfunk You, by the Ark.


4 responses to “maybe o. possibly c. definitely not d.

  • amy

    I can only imagine what my boys would do with unhitchable couches on wheels. You know what? I don’t want to imagine. I think, in the face of all that could be done with and to that couch, the blanket thing is entirely fine. Fine, I tell you.

  • Elemmaciltur

    So, there soon will be a Sitzverbot on your couch?

    How about sewing up a whole cover?

  • alala

    @ amy: the couches are very heavy, which is probably why the boys haven’t discovered the possibility of couch races yet. I’m not going to be the one to suggest it to thm…

    @ elemm: actually, the kids know of the disaster potential inherent in uniting boys with unwashable white things, so they tend to avoid it anyway. DrBob also doesn’t want them to track dirt on our only rug, so he’s asked them to walk around it. I suggested we bolt it to the ceiling if he doesn’t want people walking on it. It’s a rug, ferpetesake.

    Re slipcovers, my sewing fu will never, ever be up to that. It’s all I can do to patch the boys’ torn jeans. Lumpily.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Perhaps you should consider bolting the sofa on to the ceiling, too. ;-p

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