a chat today

4:58 PM
me: Fufu Berzelius
DrBob: that is an actual name?
me: it’s now the name of our second cat.
DrBob: i think that she doesnt need a second name
me: Berzelius was a Swedish chemist who had the unfortunate habit of tasting the substances he worked with.
DrBob: what did she eat this time?

me: raspberry toothpaste.
DrBob: your kids do that too
me: 1) they don’t eat it.
2) they don’t barf it up on the basement floor.

oh yes she did.
DrBob: and how did she manage to eat it?
i suppose that she didnt eat the plastic part
me: no, one of the kids left it uncapped, and one of the kids blorped a bunch of it into the sink.
it was not necessarily the same child in both instances.
DrBob: so she just ate a little
me: well, it was… probably a medium amount of barf for such a small cat.
DrBob: animals are supposed to have instincts that tell them what to eat
me: yes, I know.
clearly, this one doesn’t.
so I’ve warned Ignatz, and I will warn the Sniglet, to re cap the toothpaste every time.
DrBob: lets see how that works out
me: fingers crossed.

Song du jour of the day: Little Sister, by Ry Cooder.


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