more cash hemorrhage

Ignatz is signed up for ski camp at the end of February. He doesn’t ski, but his whole class is going, and he’d rather stay with the group than spend a week in some other classroom. I would too.

Unfortunately Ignatz’s ditzy mother was responsible for transferring the money to the school’s account, absolutely by November 15th or he can’t go, do you hear us? Because we MEAN IT. And um, she forgot. I don’t know why we don’t fire that cow.

So today I went in to the school all ready to apologize and grovel, and the guy in charge said “oh, it’s no problem, lots of people haven’t paid yet. Just do it now, it’ll be fine.”

1) Whew! A reprieve from the Worst Mom Ever title.

2) Ack! After the month we’ve had, another €235? Totally affordable in any month but this one.

Meh. It’ll be all right. Our bank loves us. They should, they own 55% of our house. And by the time we have to cough up the dough for the ski and equipment rental, it’ll be a new month. Um, the month in which we have to buy like eight tickets from Munich to London and back… arg.

Song du jour of the day: Morning Night and Day, by New Order.


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