trouble II

I know this is a Family Blog, and I apologize for the irate language, but I’m… well, irate. It happens.

So yes, we are down €1500, which, by the current exchange rate, is approximately one hillion skillion dollars, and yesterday, we got a letter from a collection agency! On behalf of Plus Finanzservice, whoever the hell that is. Google gave us this page, which contained a picture of an Ikea Family card. Huh. We did go to Ikea in September… and we paid with our Ikea card… but they have our bank information, they could have just withdrawn the money. Germans don’t do checks, they do bank transfers, so when we wave a piece of plastic at a store, the money is automatically taken from our account. Usually. We had no reason to think that wouldn’t happen this time too.

Today’s phone call revealed that the information they had was from before our bank merged with the bank in the next town. PhoneBitch said yes, they knew about the merger, and of course they knew how to get the new bank number (our account number didn’t change), but that is “not our job.” They say they sent a bill to our old address, but the fliers and birthday postcards from Ikea have come to our new house. So Ikea knows where we are, but the Ikeacard people… don’t. And clearly they can’t ask Ikea for that information, because that’s not their job.

I followed a link from the Plus page to their ikeacard page. The last line says, “First time? Forgot your password? Sign up here,” and the “anmelden” link is a mailto: – what century is this?

So now we’ve got a mark on our credit rating because certain people can’t be bothered to do their fucking jobs. And the unfairness of it just turns my Libra heart to a little lump of coal.

Song du jour of the day: Trouble, by Cat Stevens via Eddie Vedder.


One response to “trouble II

  • Elemmaciltur

    Oh, lawdy…that sounds so effed up of IKEA. I hope that it’ll be sorted out one way or another.

    BTW, wanna knit this Friday evening? Dr. D has his doctorate celebrations with some other Doktoranden, so I’m all alone for Friday. 🙂

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