Daily Archives: 4 January 2008


Several different kinds of trouble, created by several different kinds of incompetence. Yeah, some of it’s mine, and I’d gladly take responsibility for that part, but we now have to bear the consequences of other people’s incompetence, and that kind of chafes.

Part the first: the German government gives money to parents. Continue reading

as articulate as, like, whatever

I think I’ll move to Chile, so I can look at this. We weren’t anywhere near that elevation on the beach in Corsica last September, but since there were almost no street lights, we did see a whole lot of stars. It was the first time my sons had ever seen the Milky Way. Things like that make me lose my articulate and be all, like, whoa. Awesome. Dude.

Song du jour of the day: Like Wow, by Leslie Carter.