So all through December it didn’t snow, but there was frost, and it never melted, so every day it was thicker and spikier on the trees, and every day they looked more ghostly. When the sun shone it was splendid, really beautiful. Then yesterday it rained and then froze, and everything was coated with ice (and we live on a hill, yay), and then last night was the fireworks and fun and this morning all the frost is gone and the sky is overcast and even the air seems like a different color. The color of DESPAIR! I hate winter.

Resolution status: I did do some exercise-y jumping around, cringing with embarrassment all the while because DrBob is home and I knew if he saw me he’d snicker. I also made the kids name a few things they like to eat for dinner, and I have about 24 meals listed now, so I can plan meals ahead of time. I’ve been planning meals for awhile, but lately it’s gotten harder for some reason. I geeked out with teeny index cards and four different pen colors, because that’s how I roll. And, CJ, who is a teacher, told me today that the school where she teaches doesn’t have any openings, but they can always use substitutes, and she assures me that my TESL certification is qualification enough. She also offered to buy the Sniglet’s old wooden train set – I said she could just have it. So, one step forward on getting healthier, getting organized, getting rid of stuff, and getting a job. Oh, good. I’m feeling better about January.

But I’m still cold.

Song du jour of the day: Georgia on My Mind. But which one? Hm, how about Chie Asado’s version? God, I love the internet.


2 responses to “January

  • Laura F.

    Good luck with your resolutions! And here’s hoping the January blahs go away. My parents had friends who staged their big party of the year in the middle of January just to stave off the Christmas let-down. They called it the January Blahs party. The French keep the Fête des Rois going through February, which helps, too. A gentle let-down if you will…

  • Melanie

    Every day will have more light from now until June!!!!!!

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