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Thirteen years ago today, Ignatz looked like this:Brand New Ignatz

Happy birthday, kiddo.


Fufu be thy name

Fufu was supposed to be just a placeholder name, something to call Someone Else’s Cat until we found her owners and returned her to them. Since we decided to keep her, we’ve been batting around the idea of a real, proper name for her. I favored Theresa, because we could use the Bavarian short form, “Resi,” which is how a Bavarian summons a waitress in a pub, and may be part of why other Germans think Bavarians are nothing but stupid peasants with more money than they deserve. Or maybe Katharine, because there’s a song by Steinwolke which contains the line “Katharine, Katharine, what’s wrong with you?” (in German, of course). Also because we could call her Katti, a cheesy joke stolen whole from my former neighbor CJ. The Sniglet favored Maria, because he can spell it.

Anyhoo, today on the way to soccer, the Sniglet announced that her name should just be Fufu. “Because she’s a Fuffle. Because she’s floofy. Because she’s soft, like a marshmallow with hairs.”

So. Who can argue with that logic? Fufu it is.

Song du jour of the day: the Steinwolke thing, because I don’t think there are any songs called “Fufu, Fufu.” Though there really should be.

Avast, ye scurvy… oh no wait, that’s wrong…

Happy Ninja Day, everyone! I found out about it too late to really get into the spirit of things today, but next year, we’ll be ready. Hoo-CHAH! Continue reading


So Europe has this thing, this big-giant study that compares all the different school systems and then ranks them. Pisa stands for Program for International Student Assessment, and in the last one, a few years ago, Germany ranked considerably lower than it expected to. Now, part of this has to be because all is not well in the former East, not by a long shot. But still, people were upset. Continue reading

Joy, part II

Huh. In response to my Joy post, Amy mentioned this:

I find it really interesting that several people mentioned trying to combine their joy with a paycheck.

And you know, I didn’t even notice, but she’s right, she didn’t say anything about getting money for what makes her joyful. I just assumed. Continue reading