year-end recap

Oh, some stuff happened. We got a cat. Then we got another one. DrBob got a job (hey, that rhymes!), the Sniglet started first grade, Ignatz started Tae Kwon Do. I… um. Well, I’m a wife and mother, I seek validation through the achievements of my spouse and offspring.

Okay, not really. I do have my own identity, but I spent this year treading water, mostly. I keep telling myself “I really should…” and then not doing whatever it was I should, or starting it and not finishing. So my big plan for 2008 is to finish things. Well, start them first, then finish. Knit something big. Jump around on a regular basis, before my butt gets big enough to have its own zip code. Take the final class for my web-database-php class thing… the thing I flunked out of, I got an email a month or so ago asking if I was ever going to finish that. I had no idea that finishing was still an option, but since it is, I’m taking it. Start up an English class, if I can find enough students. Make up some kind of routine for keeping the house at a baseline level of tidiness, instead of letting it go to hell and then freaking out and going all Tasmanian Devil. That sort of thing.

Meanwhile, there’ll be champagne and fireworks this evening. Have a super-sparkly midnight, y’all, and I’ll catch you on the flip-side. Do kids today even know what a flip-side is? Wow, I’m old.

Song du jour of the day: Subterranean Sunlight, by Madrugada.


One response to “year-end recap

  • Melanie

    Happy New Year sweetie!!! Yes, we are old. Last summer I rented a house at the beach for a couple of days with my sister, nephs and mom. There were a ton of LP’s, so I had the joy of teaching my nephs to use a record player, and explaining the flip/B side thing. Sigh.

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