Christmas was fine

All (both) my kids are school-age now, so of course my thoughts are drifting toward college, and the skills they’ll need to do well there. It’s never too early to start preparing, so for Christmas this year they got a foozball table and a poker set. By the time they have to go, they’ll be ready.

The cats were splendid. Fufu helped me put the lights on the tree, but other than that, they both left it alone. Even so, we didn’t put any breakable ornaments on it, except the candy canes, which I bought in Munich a couple weeks ago and they are not peppermint! WTF!? They’re some weird, chemical, artificial-fruit flavor, strawberry maybe. Garg.

We hosted Christmas Eve this year – I think that’s the new tradition, because we have the most space in our kitchen. We did fondue with our new fondue set that we didn’t want… story for another day, when I feel like complaining. And we all went to our favorite restaurant on Christmas Day, so yeah. Nice. Lots of foozball. No adventures.

Hope y’all had a low-conflict holiday. Bless.

Song du jour of the day: Ice Cream, by Muscles.

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