Eat your heart out, Martha

Alternative title: Laugh your ass off, Martha.

I actually managed to get my act together enough to make cookies! Really! And the spice-bombs turned out just right. The lemon cookies… um. Well, there was a little too much yellow food coloring in the icing, and the only sprinkles we have are green, so I guess we’re Packers fans, just for this Christmas. They taste okay, though. The cookies, I mean. Not (necessarily) the Packers.

As for the chocolate chip “cookies,” well, there were alternate instructions for making bar cookies, but of course the pan I used wasn’t exactly the dimensions the recipe called for, and I still haven’t quite figured out how to compensate for the ways that German ovens are different from American ones, so after following the baking instructions we had very sweet, very gooey slime. Another fifty-hundred minutes on lower heat, and we had… slightly denser slime. Yuck.

As a mother-son bonding experience, it was unbeatable. In terms of generating usable cookies, it was… less so. The in-laws will be hugely impressed, though, re “Wow, you know where your oven is? We had no idea!”

Song du jour of the day: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, by Meat Loaf.


2 responses to “Eat your heart out, Martha

  • Kris

    What, no pictures? LOL!

  • alala

    Alas, the camera is total crap, and the light at this time of year is bad anyway, and while our kitchen is lovely and large, the lack of light in there is the one problem I have with it. So really, I could not have captured the true, Packers-y glory of the cookies. Imagine a few shades lighter than those pre-wrapped (probably mostly) cheese slices… As for the chocolate chip cookie disaster, you’re better off not seeing that. Truly.

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