Kitty’s first Christmas

When we decided to get a cat, I sort of forgot to consider how this would affect our Christmas tree plans (who thinks about Christmas in June? No, don’t answer that. If you’re that organized, I don’t want to know about it.). Kitties. Christmas trees. Shiny things. Bouncy things. This cannot go well.

So I thought back to how I dealt with a newly ambulant, intensely curious toddler-Ignatz at Christmas – he howled when I put him in the playpen, but he wouldn’t leave the Christmas tree alone, so I put the tree in the playpen. We don’t have a playpen anymore, and I doubt it would stop these cats, so I thought maybe we could hang the tree from the ceiling. DrBob pointed out that the tippy-top of the tree is not sturdy enough, so we’d have to hang it upside down. I said I could live with that. He said you know, hanging it up there won’t stop them wanting it. I said I know! And they’ll jump, and they’ll jump, but they’ll never be able to reach it! That’ll be good for weeks of entertainment!

He walked away, muttering and shaking his head. That means no, right?

So, y’all have cats, some of you. Any suggestions?

Song du jour of the day: Deck the Halls, by Bing Crosby.


6 responses to “Kitty’s first Christmas

  • amy

    We just put up the tree and hoped for the best. The tree is in a corner, which probably helps somewhat. Mo drinks the tree’s water, and Ernie likes to hide under the tree in the corner, and then Mo goes under there and tries to root him out, but now that there’re presents in the way, there’s no room for them to wrestle under there. I don’t hang anything breakable on my tree, not even high up. Two kids, two cats…who needs the stress? I can hang breakable ornaments when I’m old and gray and wondering when my kids will come visit…

    I think finding a corner for the tree is half the battle. When I was a kid, one of our cats climbed the tree and knocked it over. Harder to do in a corner, wouldn’t you think?

  • Elemmaciltur

    Hanging the tree upside down? Isn’t that a reminiscence of a cross hung upside down? Just a thought. (Yeah, I’ve got weird thoughts)

  • Kelly Fowler

    You should definitely hang the tree upside down!

    No kitty tips here though. The lardball I live with can barely muster the energy to walk across the room… though, interestingly enough, the one thing she does do is remove the bows from every single package that she can find, then she hides them….

  • Melanie

    You can in fact hang a tree by the tippy top bit, my family always did. My father could never get it to stand up straight in those stand things, so one year he got ticked off, screwed a hook into the ceiling and hung the tree with fishing line. And a tradition was born. Yours would be hard to water though (ours was balanced at the bottom by having the cut part touching a bucket of water. Good luck!

  • aniedra

    We have a 8 month old devil… I mean kitten… My 2 boys and I got the tree up Friday night after Thanksgiving. When I came home Saturday after work my sons stood in the front room busting up laughing. She had knocked it over into the floor. The ornaments were a mess, the garland and beads were off and strung about in the floor. It is an artificial tree so the fall had smashed in the whole front side. I was hot! I tried to stand it up then I see that the fall had caused the plastic leg to break. I propped the tree up in the corner and stewed in my anger. Not only was I going to have to get a new tree, but i was going to have to UN decorate the broken one and RE decorate the new one!!! My mother happen to have an old tree stand for real trees. The screws were just long enough to hold the tree up. FOr now, the tree stands in the corner and we place chairs in front of it when we leave.
    * I forgave the cat….. eventually…..* 🙂

  • Kris

    We always had very soft ornaments, many homemade, that we hung on teh bottom two branches.

    For those bad kitties who climb up into the tree, there were some stern words, an evil eye to eye glare, and water spritzed (on the one who didn’t like water. The other one enjoyed it and I swear he climbed the tree just to get spritzed.)

    Usually though we did hang a few ornaments that were just for them, and I didn’t care that I had to rehang them numerous times a day.

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