bring on the Christmas!

So Ignatz’s birthday seems to have been a success. It was also the day of another massive Tae Kwon Do test – seriously, there must have been hundreds of people there. He got his yellow belt, and we are very proud of him. I may even have filmed the event with the teeny camcorder we gave him, but I haven’t found the time to figure out how to get it out of the camera and then onto the internet. Or I may not have filmed it, if I pushed the wrong button or something.

Anyway, after the test we came home and friends of his came over and I made a burrito-buffet (man, can tween boys eat a lot) and they made a lot of noise and much fun seems to have been had. Some of it carried over to this morning, since a couple of guests stayed overnight.

So now it’s the 16th, which means we can start thinking about Christmas! Which is yay! Because we have a lot to think about…we went to the Christmas market this evening, and then came home and played poker with the nifty metal suitcase poker set that was another birthday present. I kicked their butts, of course. Heh.

Song du jour of the day: Baby, It’s Cold Outside, by, well, pretty much everyone.

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