Joy, part II

Huh. In response to my Joy post, Amy mentioned this:

I find it really interesting that several people mentioned trying to combine their joy with a paycheck.

And you know, I didn’t even notice, but she’s right, she didn’t say anything about getting money for what makes her joyful. I just assumed.

Having thought about it some, though, yeah, I do want to get paid to do what brings me joy: if you don’t get a paycheck for your passion, then it’s just a “hobby,” to be picked up here and there as you get a minute. For that I have knitting and reading and movies and writing, and not enough time for those. Of course I would burn out on any one of those if they were my job, but web development, in all its aspects, is very… broad. There is a whole lot of information out there, and if you dabble, you just can’t keep up with the rate at which the technology grows. I do enough work to keep my html and css-fu fairly sharp, but my PHP and MySQL knowledge are already a couple of versions ago, and because I haven’t kept in practice, even my obsolete knowledge is nearly forgotten. To get good at it, I’d need to give it significant time, like four, five, six hours a day. That means it has to bring in money, clean my house, or be an acceptable substitute for sleep.

As for food service, well, I’ve been there and done that, and I don’t really want to do it again. I saw a play once in Seattle, about two actors who were working as waiters in between acting jobs. One was older, one was younger, and somewhere in the play the older one said: “At 18, you say, ‘I can always wait tables.’ At 38, you say, ‘I will always wait tables.'” This is somewhat true. Food service is easy to get into, but in my experience, it only qualified me for more food service jobs. I once got turned down for a job in a yarn-shop because all my experience up to that point was in food service. For me, waitressing is only an option if I decide to make it my career.

So yeah. I want to do something computer-y. The reasons that I don’t do that… are for another post.

Song du jour of the day: Yesterday Is Here, by Tom Waits.


3 responses to “Joy, part II

  • amy

    Oh. Well. I don’t want waitressing as a career. It really is the best option for earning money, though, if it comes to that. With the homeschooling and all… finding ways to consistently earn money from home–has not been easy. I was laid off from my best option there quite a while ago (full-time telecommuting editing job) and have never seen anything at all like it again.

    I think the people who blend their “calling” with their job are so fortunate. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Of course, it might help if I figure out the first part…

  • hotweb79

    (Hey this is SAS here) I am lucky enough to love my job… but not lucky enough to have one that people respect… hehehe. However, it affords me the 2 things I value above all else time to spend on my family, school, and hobbies… and the money to do the aforementioned.

    keeping savvy with any netbased stuff is dizzying to say the worst. I still don’t know jack about php and almost always feel left behind. SAS

  • alala

    @ amy: I know, that’s why I said “for me.” You are in a different circumstance, and less likely to get trapped than I am.

    @sas: you’re not kidding. There’s so much to know out there, and it’s a moving target. Moving away. Very fast.

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