Daily Archives: 30 November 2007

well, that was… um.

NaBloPoMo! The intention was not just to find something to blat out once a day, but to be more mindful about writing. I blatted. I was not very mindful. I just didn’t give it the time it wanted. I’m still not, look at me, trying at 11:42 to come up with something, anything, before midnight. I do have something I’ve been thinking about, but of course that would take too long to write out, and it would be December by the time I clicked the “publish” button.

December, yay! Y’all who aren’t already here, really should come out for Christmas sometime. Christmas in Bavaria is so sparkly! And it smells like gingerbread and oranges and cinnamon and happiness. And it starts four Sundays before Christmas Eve, and ends on January sixth, which is miles better than the paltry few days I remember giving it in the U.S. I went to the Christmas Market today in Marienplatz, and got candles for the Advent wreath I bought yesterday – totally forgot that I’d meant to put floaty-candles in a bowl of water and surround it with greenery, like I did last year. So okay, it’s more traditional this year – remind me to get a picture of it, sometime.

Song du jour of the day: Gettin’ In The Mood (For Christmas), by Brian Setzer

weekend ambivalence

I’m going to this on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to it.

DrBob is at a conference in Spain. He had plausible-sounding reasons for not taking me along, but I forget what they were.

I’m glad I’m going to the thing. Otherwise I might be feeling, oh, a tad resentful. He went to SPAIN! WithOUT me!

Song du jour of the day: I Knew You Were Waiting for Me, by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. Does anybody else think that’s like the weirdest duet since David Bowie and Bing Crosby did the Little Drummer Boy?

Oh, God, that reminds me. Christmas is looming. Ack!