Kelly tagged me ages ago, and I forgot about it because I suck. Well, better late than never, eh?

4 jobs I’ve had:
coffee jerk
movie theater projectionist
webmaster (thankless, that one)
library page

4 movies I love to watch over and over:
The Princess Bride
Galaxy Quest
Sense and Sensibility
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

4 places I have lived:
Columbus, OH
Port Townsend, WA
Östersund, Sweden
Munich, Germany

4 TV shows I enjoy watching:
Yeah. I wish.

4 places I have been:
Tokyo Narita airport
Leningrad, when the USSR still existed
Tacna, Peru, surrounded by shouting taxi drivers
the Greyhound station in Amarillo, TX

4 websites I visit daily:
Astronomy Picture of the Day

4 favorite foods:
This potato thing I keep meaning to post the recipe for
Chocolate mousse
crackers with stinky cheese
spaghetti with tomato sauce I made myself

4 places I would rather be:
Well, since it’s November,
New Zealand
Tucson, AZ

I can’t think of four blogs to tag, so I’m leaving this open for volunteers, perhaps NaBloPoMo people who find themselves running low on inspiration, 26 days into it…

Song du jour of the day: Te Dejo Madrid, by Shakira.

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